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Build Serverless GraphQL apps with
1 JS file

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Project Status This is an experimental project. Many ideas are being explored which means features may change over time. Rise will available to use as it gets closer to a 1.0.0 release. Visit us on Twitter to find out more.

Only 1 JS File

Rise projects require only 1 Javascript file. No YAML, no package.json file required, just a single file and the rise cli

Rise DB

Store data with the same database Amazon uses on BlackFriday. Every Rise app you deploy will also automatically create a DynamoDB table, and give straightforward methods for accessing that table.

Rise Users

Create users for your app using AWS Cognito and manage them in the Rise Dashboard.

Go Functionless

AWS Lambda is great for building custom logic, other times we just need to handle common scenarios such as database calls and checking for authorization. We can perform these common tasks without functions.

Rise Modules

Organize your project into small Rise Modules


Built in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact us at theriseframework@gmail.com